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Australian Wildlife Displays provides the best live wildlife animal school holiday programs

If you are looking for an activity at your out of school hours care or vacation care centre, we have three interactive 1hr animals shows that the children will love.
We put fun, interaction and education into each of our programs. Because the children are having so much fun, they won’t even realise they are learning!

Australian Wildlife Displays has three different programs that will both EDUCATE and ENTERTAIN the children!

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Anthony and Lee will be working at the Sydney Royal Easter Show on Monday 3rd April - Wednesday 26th April 2023.
Australian Wildlife Displays will not be taking any bookings during this time.

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Animals Galore
Bugs Galore
Rock Pools Galore

The children will now have another reason to love the school holidays!

We will bring some of Australia’s wonderful and unique fauna for the children to meet and touch with the Australian Wildlife Displays ‘Animals Galore’ education program.

The ‘Animals Galore’ program is a reptile show and wildlife show all rolled into one. The children will have fun discovering the diversity and uniqueness of animals that call Australia home.

They will get up close to, interact with and learn about our furry, feathery and scaly friends from the bush.

The animals that we bring include:

And I wonder if any of our animals will be hungry on the day, yes we might even feed one of the animals!

Download our flyer to advertise our visit to your centre!

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Not exactly, but the children will love getting up close to and even interacting with some amazing invertebrates with the Australian Wildlife Displays ‘Bugs Galore’ education program.

Explore the interesting, fascinating and strange world of invertebrates with our bug show. Found in a range of different habitats, the children will meet invertebrates from rainforests to invertebrates from backyards. Discover where they live, what they eat, how they can change, how they protect themselves and how we can protect them.

The invertebrates that will visit include:
-stick insects
-litter bugs

Plus one special vertebrate guest!

Download our flyer to advertise our visit to your centre!

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We turn your centre into an amazing Victorian rock pool habitat

The children will meet some fascinating marine animals with the Australian Wildlife Displays ‘Rock Pools Galore’ education program.

Roll your sleeves up and get your hands wet!
Meet the animals that call the Victorian rock pools home with our marine rock pool show. Discover the different shapes, sizes and special characteristics of these beautiful animals.
The children will leave with a better understanding of our beaches and rock pool environments, and what they can do to help keep them!

The marine visitors will include:
-sea urchins
-elephant snails
-sea stars

YES the children will be holding CRABS!

Download our flyer to advertise our visit to your centre!

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