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Owner at Animals of Oz
Hi everyone, I am owner, educator and animal keeper for Animals of Oz.

From a kid spending all day outside running around the bush to a student studying and researching ecology and wildlife management, I love that everyday I get to share my passion about our environment with everyone.
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Manager at Animals of Oz
Growing up I always had a fascination with animals and loved being outside, whether that be playing sport, climbing trees or helping my Nanna in the garden. I remember telling my mum at the age of 4, that when I grew up I wanted to be a veterinarian. With a passion for the environment and learning, I have completed studies in conservation and land management, environmental science and animal husbandry. I love being able to educate others about Australia's unique and valuable biodiversity and what they can do to help protect it.


Educator & Keeper at Animals of Oz
I grew up in country NSW where I was constantly surrounded by animals. Some of my fondest childhood memories include catching tadpoles in the local dam and building extravagant ‘water parks’ for my pet turtle Fergus. With a passion for wildlife, I went on to study Zoology at university, and am now completing further studies in animal husbandry. My favourite animals to work with are our cheeky grey-headed flying-foxes!


Educator at Animals of Oz


Educator at Animals of Oz


Educator at Animals of Oz

Some of Our Animals

  • Sammi

    the Saltwater Crocodile
  • Luna & Comet

    the Squirrel Gliders
  • Freddo & Friends

    the Green Tree Frogs
  • Curly

    the Spiny Leaf Insect
  • Kookie

    the Kookaburra
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